Ball Land

Game Play

Goal: Get to the exit (the blue “spheres”).


  • : Move forward
  • : Move backwards
  • /: Turn left/right


  • Collect the yellow “spheres” to go through the cyan “spheres”


I was watching someone play Sonic The Hedgehog 3 one day. That’s the one with the “blue spheres” mini-game, where you collect the blue spheres while avoiding the red ones (I think: I actually can’t remember playing it). I thought building something similar to that would be fun. 3D without really being 3D, or so I imagined.

This was my attempt at doing so. Of course there’s nothing remotely 3D about it. It just circles placed at strategic locations with a gradient floor to give the perception of depth. Given that I couldn’t (or couldn’t be bothered) making artwork for other game elements, everything was a circle — including the yellow “keys” and the red hazards. Naturally this didn’t give the game much “depth” (haha) and it didn’t really go anywhere other than a few test levels.