Game Play

Goal: Complete the puzzle so that the ball wall roll to the hole.


  • ///: Move cursor
  • ,/.: Select tile
  • Space: Place tile
  • Delete: Remove tile
  • Enter: Start/stop ball movement


I guess it’s no surprise that this is yet based on another game I was playing back in the day. So many of these were like that, as I’m sure they are for most people making similar things: nothing new under the sun and all that.

The inspiration for this one was The Incredible Machine, a game where you had to build a Rube-Golberg contraption to accomplish a particular goal. Thinking about it now, it was actually quite a remarkable game, and one that I wanted to at least pay homage to with my limited coding and art skills. Don’t expect any physics engines for this one!

It was also a game that I figured would be a good one to share with others. So I put in a bit of effort into meta elements like a starting screen and level intermissions where your score is calculated. Most of the other games I built back then had none of these — given that they were only for my own enjoyment.

In the end I never got to the point of sharing it. Or maybe I did and it just didn’t go anywhere, I can’t remember. In either case, the effort was for naught. There’s a lesson there about taking a chance with the knowledge that it may not work out, but not thinking of that as some sort of failure, or that any criticism only applied to the work and not you as a person. I was too young to internalise that. In fact it will be a long time before I do. I still think I’m not quite there yet.