Briks Ya

Game Play

Goal: Move a block to the flashing outline, then make your way to the exit.


  • ///: Movement
  • F10: Restart level


Around this time I was playing a game called Brix, a DOS game in which you had to clear blocks on a playing field by moving them next to each other. I liked the idea of a game involving blocks, since they were easy to draw and code up, so I set about making this puzzle game.

Well, to be fair, it might be a reach to actually call this a “puzzle” game. Most of the stages are pretty simple. But you know, sometime it’s just enough to enjoy something you’ve made.

The whole game sort of grew organically. I think I came up with the idea while I was taking swimming lessons. I was a pretty terrible swimmer (still am) but my parents felt it was good exercise for me and that it would help my asthma. Anyway, at the end of one my lessons, an idea for a level came to me. It eventually became level 5 — the one used for the poster image — and it’s probably the only one that actually required a bit of thought (well, so I thought so at the time; I never actually shared this with anyone outside my family). Most of the other levels grew from there.

Ah, also: enjoy the CGA artwork I made for this game. Not that I needed it: we had a colour monitor at the time. But I was intrigued with making artwork using a limited colour palette, particularly one as bad as the default CGA one. Ugh, it’s so bad!