Originally developed by Hacksoft in 1999.

Game Play

Goal: Get to the exit.


  • : Move forward
  • : Move backward
  • /: Turn left/right
  • Space: Shoot, activate switches
  • 1/2: Swap weapons


Ah, this one.

Not sure if anyone remembers this, but back in the day, there was this thing called the World Wide Web. You had to install this program called a “browser”, and once you logged on, you could visit web pages made by other people. It was actually pretty good. Wonder if anyone still uses it.

Ok, no more sarcasm. 🙂

Anyway, we got internet access when I was just starting high school, and for brief periods of the day (this was the dial-up period, where using the internet meant tying up the phone line) we were allowed to explore the web. A lot of fellow Basic devs were setting up their own sites on Geocities, and I started visiting a few that my friend shared with me.

One of them had this nifty little Doomed game, made by Hacksoft. There’s a link to their homepage in the code, but putting it in Wayback Machine just bought me to a Hometown Has Been Shutdown message. A major shame that so much of the early web has been lost.

Anyway, the original game came with the tile screen and the first three levels. I was quite impressed as to how they made the 3D visuals, and after a few play throughs I’d took a look to see how they did it. I was a bit disappointed to see that it was just a bunch of “if” statements rendering line drawings based on your “position”. Still impressive, but not really anything approaching the “grid” based approach I was expecting.

Even so, it was easy enough to modify and I set about adding three more levels plus some extra pickups. I also had a try at adding a story and a couple of really simple cutscenes (that white cube thing you see at the end is meant to be the building you were in).

Not much more to say here, apart from this being a reasonably fun game to tinker on.