Funnels And Buckets

Game Play

Goal: Answer the sums before they fall into the buckets.


  • 0-9: Enter the digits of the answers.


I had no hand in the creative decisions of this game. This was pretty much a straight clone, from memory, of a game I use to play on our old IBM PC when I was really young (say, around 5 or 6). The premise of the game, also called Funnels and Buckets by Data Sage, was simple enough: an equation would fall from a funnel, and you had to solve it before it landed in a bucket. The game ends when all buckets are full. There are also a “young boy” and an “old man”1 that would appear for a brief period of time, and would either give you a bonus, or only award you half-points.

This was another game I spent some effort into the meta elements. I think I had grand plans of sharing this with others, but I never followed through with them.

Here’s a tidbit: when I first played this game, I thought the “funnel” was actually a printer head. It moved a lot like the head of our dot matrix printer our old computer was hooked up to. The blocky IBM characters that were available didn’t help give the impression that it was actually meant to be a “funnel”.

P.S. There’s frickin’ everything on YouTube.

  1. I have no idea if these were actually what they where, that’s just what I called them. ↩︎