Raptor 2

Game Play

Goal: Get to the purple pier.


  • /: Movement
  • Space: Shoot


There was a game I played called Raptor, a vertically scrolling shooter where you moved a plane around the screen to shoot waves of enemies. It was a lot of fun, and I wanted to have a go making a game like this… but with a twist. Instead of piloting a plane in the air, you piloted a boat on the water. The gameplay was effectively the same — except you can’t go backwards or forwards, which was something that never occurred to me when I was making this — but along with shooting enemy boats and avoid bullets (lots of avoiding bullets), you needed to dodge land as well.

I once had a version of this that was better than this one. The graphics were larger and there were more levels (I think I had a second episode or something). In fact, I may have shared that version with other people. I overheard a few people say that a copy of this was floating around the Year 7 students. I’m not sure that I believed them. I knew how crappy my games were to what was out there, and I was pretty skeptical anyone wanted to play this other than myself. Or maybe I just didn’t want to believe them, and the horrible thought of them trying something that they probably couldn’t get to work on their machines (I had hard-coded paths and I didn’t compile it into an EXE) or something that they won’t like. It would look badly on me.

Anyway, it all got lost on the same machine as Agent 17, and this is the version that remains.