Side Scroller

Game Play

Goal: Get to the exit (it looks like a door).


  • /: Movement
  • : Use (switches, teleporters, etc)
  • Space: Jump


This is a bit like Game File in that the levels came first. When I was in Year 7, we had a bunch of maths sheets we had to do for homework. Each one had a very small numerical crossword. I kept the sheets around for a couple of years afterwards, and I discovered that the crosswords provided some interesting geometry for platformer levels. All I needed to do was add some game elements to it.

The first series of levels were taken from those maths sheets. The levels in “episode 2” were taken from crosswords found in word puzzle books. One thing about those crosswords: you wanted to go for ones that were not symmetrical, otherwise you’re level would look a little boring.

So that’s pretty much the only reason why this game exist.