Game Play

Goal: Complete the mission.

Basic Usage:

Select a building or unit to command using the mouse. Each unit can only be commanded once per turn. To end your turn, click “Turn”. The enemy will then make their move and a round of fire will be exchanged (you cannot choose the target to fire on).

To move a unit:

  • Select a unit
  • Click “Move”
  • Select the cell orthoginal to unit’s current position to move

To build a new building:

  • Click “Build”
  • Select the building to build
  • Click the cell to build the building

To train a unit at the barricks or build a unit at the war factory:

  • Right click the unit
  • Select the unit to train or build


Not much to say about this one apart from wanting to try and build a real-time strategy game, much like Command and Conquer and Red Alert, two games I really enjoyed playing. But I didn’t have the skills to make a complete real-time strategy — all that path-finding and coding up the AI was beyond my capabilities at the time — so I settled for a turn-based version of the game.

But one thing that did attract me was all the logic that went into the single player campaigns, like moving the unit to this location to fire this trigger, etc. It gave me a chance to use my drunk-with-power string parser I had to build a mini language that defined the triggers and win conditions of the mission. It was pretty buggy, but it worked to a degree at one point.

Speaking of bugs, this game does have a few of them, particularly the buttons on the right. You need to click a few times to get into move mode. Not quite sure why: I suspect it’s a timing thing of some sort? I’m not going to look into it now. Just try clicking it a few times.